Selecting Data from DataGrid and creating a new page from it

I am very new to Mendix, and I have no idea what I am doing. I have a datagrid in my app that I want to be able to select certain items from and then create a new page from those items that I have selected. I created the datagrid from an excel sheet, but I need to be able to select certain things from the list. So, if I have 10 things on the page and I only need 5, I want to be able to select those 5 and then bring them to a new page so that I do not edit the original page. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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In Data grid there is option for multi select.


Hi Evan,


I have some idea to export your data as selected as below.

  1. On your Datagrid must be Mult-Selections. 
  2. Create new a Microflow for generate excel.
  3. Download module Mendix Marketplace - jXLSer
  4. Create new Excel Template to generate your content as document in the module.
  5. Add “AddJxlsContextParameters” to your microflow and set the parameter name and list of values from page.
  6. Add “ProcessJxlsTemplateByFileDocument” or “ProcessJxlsTemplateByResourcePath” up to use the template from filedocument or resource path on your project. set any properties for generate
  7. Other » add download activity for test. Done.

Just like the above answers (here are my few cents)

  1. configure your datagrid to allow multi selection
  2. client a microflow in your Data Grid control bar which once done should show you a LIST of items as the Input Parameter of your microflow (becase you enabled multi section)
  3. the in the microflow, do the modification if you want or leave it be and set this list an association (you can create a new entity which is only a Helper)
  4. in the microflow, per each item set the association value to the helper instace
  5. then show a page (this page has a dataview with helper entity as datasource and inside this dataview you can show a list view or a datagrid over association to this helper enttiy.

Check this example that i made for you:

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