Is Licence Pool Manager still working?

During startup of my application, I get the following message in the Service Console: Running after-startup-action... Action with name 'licensepoolmanager.LoginHandler' is not a known action yet. Add the user action before referring to this action. My after-startup microflow calls AS_LoginListener which I think replaces the default login handler with one that checks the pool sizes etc. Does this warning mean that the license pools are no longer being enforced, and if so what can be done to fix this? Update I installed some older versions of the Modeler and created a new project based on the License Pool Manager to test this issue. Using Modeler version 5.20.0 the after start-up actions were completed successfully and the console shows a message that the LoginListener has been successfully added Upgrading the Project to Mendix 5.21.1, I get the warning 'licensepoolmanager.LoginHandler' is not a known action yet during start-up So it looks like something was changed between 5.20 and 5.21 that causes this issue. There does not seem to be a GitHub project for this module, so I cannot post these observations there.
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