Active Container On click

I have four container actions i want on click at each one set it as active with some styles and remove these styles from the other containers,  In addition with on click i want to show some buttons below it
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Hi Moshin,

you can use custom visibility for these implementations and do something like this:


let's say you have 4 containers, A B C D,

What you can do is, you can make two A containers (one with style and the other without style), Now this is for all other containers also,

Now make an ENUM_ContainerSelect (Values: A, B, C, D), What you can do now is, on-click of the container ‘A’, and call a microflow, which Changes the Enum to A and, depending on the Enum, you can use custom visibility to show the Styles A container and Hide the normal container.


Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!


Hello Mohsin Ali,

You can remove the style in remaining 3 containers using not() property in CSS. In case to show buttons when on click is triggered, you can use and attribute which set the visibility for the remaining button. so that you can hide it and view it on click.

Hope my answer helps.