Update an existing project module

What is the best way to update (import) an existing project module? (mpk) Which steps should I follow? Thanks!
2 answers
  • Export module to an accesable location from its original place
  • Open project
  • Make sure you dont have a similar named module already in place
  • Import module

Depends what you mean. When you have a local mpk-file; right-click on the folder / module where you want to place this and select "import document" and in case of a module; right-click on the project where you want to place this and select "import document".

When you update a module from the appstore, till someone has a better process, delete the existing module and relevant folders in the "javasource" folder before you import. Than make the changes again. Because of this process of updating I always make sure I use the function of modules from the appstore by triggering them from another (custom) module and leave the module form the appstore intact.