Webservice escaping XML content

I've a consumed webservice which I'm calling. 1 XML element in an operation is a string type where I put an XML string. The issue is that Mendix is escaping all XML characters instead of using CDATA tags. Instead of setting this '>' Mendix changes it to '& g t ;'. Why? The receiving party can't used the escaped XML string. In Mendix 4 and early Mendix 5 CDATA was common to use when the string content has special characters CDATA tags where surrounded on the string value. Why has this been changed? Is there any way to force Mendix to use CDATA tags?
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I know that Mendix uses CDATA tags when you publish a web service from Mendix.

Could it be that the web service you are invoking responses with escaped xml? Did you try the same call in SoapUI? What do you see there?

A while ago I built a very simple Java action to unescape xml. You could also try that.