Shouldnt one be able to call a microflow in Edit Change Item; Set Value?

Sometimes I don't want to enter Strings or Objects for Object Parameters, but Stringformats or short formulas. Let's take for example a model where I have a MathObjectList, a MathObject with the parameters startNumber and EndNumber. I create the Microflow GET_FirstMathObjectList in which I return a MathObjectList with multiple initialized MathObjects. Now suppose those endNumbers of the MathObjects are all fibonacci numbers (e.g. fibonacci(7) ). Then wouldn't it be nice to just be able to type in Microflow values into the Value field of the 'Edit Change Item' section? Bec;ause otherwise one would need to double their amount of actions for every parameter that needs a simple microflow as it's value, turning their Microflow into a Macroflow.
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Maybe I don't completely understand your question, but if you return a list from the GET microflow you could sort the list and use the head or tail function on the list to get the first item. This is an object of type MathObject. In the change item action (assuming this is a change object action) you could use the MathObject/attribute. Or is your question that you have an object with say 10 attributes and you want to dynamically assign values to these 10 attributes? If that is the case you could resort to a custom java action and base the attribute assignment on some logic and dynamically assign the values to the attribute that comes from the logic.