Cant get the confirm microflow widget to work in the controlbar

With the current documentation I am unable to get the confirm microflow to work in the controlbar of a view or grid. I think that I misunderstand what to do with the class. The documentation says: "Put a class on the Datagrid or Dataview that needs to have the widget in its control bar with a unique name, like 'ConfirmWidgetUsersGrid' and enter this same class name in this field. The widget will now appear as the last button in the controlbar. (Only works with 'Render as' on 'Button'.)". In the grid or view I enter a name in common\class. I enter the same name in the "Class name to attach". Is there more I should do? Should I add the class to a css file? If so what should I add to that class? I nailed the issue down to the following: When you have a datagrid in your dataview the button will be added to the controlbar of the datagrid. Somehow the class is then disregarded.
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That should be sufficient, assuming the class name doesn't occur anywhere else in the page and you didn't make any typo's.

If you can send a test project to, I'll have a look at it.