Approver list coming empty how cane show approver List

Hi All, I have a two entities TravelDetail and ExceptionDetails both shares the one to one association. And Exception entity has many to one association with account entity. My application has 3 user roles ‘Manager’,’User’,’Admin’. Manager has access to approve the ExceptionRequest which is raised by user. So on ExceptionDetail_NewEdit page in ‘Approver’ reference selector through Xpath [System.UserRoles/System.UserRole/Name= ‘Manager’]  I am trying to fetch all user’s with userrole ‘Manager’. But when I run the application approver fields comes empty. When I remove the xpath all account details are showing. Please tell me the solution of it.     Thanks.
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is your current user allowed to manage user with the role Manager? 

this can be seen in the security of your project : 


If this is the cause of the problem, you need to be careful with that option, because allowing that mean that this user role can manage all of the users with the role selected (or change his current user role to the ones selected).

So if this is a security breach in your application you need to find another solution (for example, create a non persistant entity generated when you enter the page with user information that you want to display...).