Mendix vs Skelta

I was wondering what differences there are between the two BPM solutions? From what I have heard they position themselves pretty much in the same market and offer very similar functionality.
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It's difficult to do an exhaustive comparison in just a forum answer. However, I will mention some points as the previous answers did.

  • Mendix provides a much richer user experience in the AJAX client. Especially if you count in the possibility for custom widgets. See the Mendix App store for a lots of custom widgets to enrich the user interface.
  • Skelta is aimed at Microsoft technology. Mendix runs everywhere.
  • Mendix makes, as much as possible, use of open standards and integrates with all kinds of products using webservices, the Mendix SAP connector or database mappings.
  • Mendix provides advanced hosting options like load balancing, but also a cloud service (will be launched soon) were you just have to upload your model (Model-Execution-as-a-Service) instead of configuring a server yourself.
  • Mendix is feature-rich. Think about document exports, business rules, etc. See the feature page or browse the app store for additional plugins.

I have taken a look at it and there's not a whole lot of difference but this is what i found: 1. Runs .net instead of java.

  1. Is a lot more integrated into microsoft (especially sharepoint)

  2. The reporting is far more advanced.

  3. It seems that not only can you do microflows but also workflows. IE your able to add human activities into your microflow to make it more of a work flow. Work Flow Designer
  4. It seems you can set KPI's and SLA's etc (which you could kinda do in Mendix but not easily)
  5. You can create tasks which can be fed to someones outlook, pda, mobile etc.
  6. You have a lot more control over your files. For instance you are able to add events to documents, so that when they change some event is triggered.

Thats all i could find at a glance. I hope this helps.


let me put down a few bullet points that I am aware of:

  • skelta uses xml and .NET technology whereas Mendix uses java
  • Skelta has tight integration with Microsofts products such as Office, Sharepoint, other technologies (BizTalk,.NET)
  • supports SAP and SOA connectors
  • provides complete history and audittrail of user interactions
  • support for clustering of servers and load balancing

the following link provides more detailed information

However if there is someone that has used this solution it would be nice to get some hands on info.