Reschedule a failed task queue

In the documentation here: they mention that you should never interact with a System.QueuedTask directly. In a high performance setting, this entity should not be used directly by user code, because the underlying database table is heavily used. My assumption is thus that you should not retrieve objects here or create new objects through microflows. But now I want to reschedule a failed task.   Tasks that have been processed, that is have completed or failed, are saved as objects of entity type System.ProcessedQueueTask. These objects are at the user’s disposal. They might be used, for example, to do the following: Reschedule failed tasks if desired (this should be done by creating new task(s)), Unfortunately they fail to explain on how I should create a new System.QueuedTask. I tried with a microflow copy all the stuff over from the ProcessedQueueTask put the status on idle but that task was never picked up. So that does not seem to be the way. Anybody a gues on how you could create a new task from a failed task? Regards, Ronald
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