Schedule Event Manager

Hi, I need a help in one of the scenario. I am using ‘Scheduler’ for triggering one microflow for every 24 hours. The thing is if that scheduler is not Run , I will be notified to Admin with Email , If there is a way to Check that the scheduler has ran or not?
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Hi Sanjay Kumar,


Create an log node to check the Scheduler.





Hi Sanjay,


There are a couple of ways to do it:

1- Read status information by another scheduler on "system$scheduledeventinformation" table for periodically and prompt an alert if it fails.

2- Create a health check service and control scheduler table as below is.

3- Read your specified log keyword on log node or the logger service (elastic, console log..etc.) and prompt an alert if level error keyword found.

4- You can add mendix’s built-in “Scheduled Events” page on your admin page. So, you can trach all scheduled jobs in one screen and filter errored jobs.


I hope it helps