How to wait for the data of parent dataview

Hi, I have a situation in which i need to perform some generic operations in a set of data and then perform a few specific actions deppending on the item of a Gallery list. I would like to execute some generic operations in a external dataview, so that i only execute it once, and then execute the additional operations using the result of this dataview. The result list is stored in a non-persistent entity (DataEntity) associated with another non-persistent entity (FilterEntity) (1 FilterEntity can have multiple DataEntity objects), so every time i want to access the data i retrieve it via association from the FilterEntity. Another important information is that, in both the external and internal dataviews, i'm using a microflow to return the data. My problem is that, since the generic operations takes a bit longer to complete, e can’t use the result in the nested dataviews because i have no garantee that the first dataview finished proccessing the data. Is there a way i can force the dataview to execute in a certain order?
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Hi Tiago, it is time to use workflows!

see Workflow Activities | Mendix Documentation

Mendix Academy - Build a Powerful Workflow


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