IP Protected Solution & Add-On Module: Widget Packages Could Not Be Read

Hi all,   I’m creating an IP protected solution module with add-ons. I’ve created a separate application to build implementation modules to allow for the usage of the MAUI9 UI layer. I’ve set the core logic module a ‘solution’ and all other modules as ‘add-on’.   When dropping in the modules, the ‘solution’-module has no issues, however the add-on module is giving the following error: After closing the notification, I see this error in my console:   Are these errors related or are they actually 2 different issues? Also how can it be resolved?
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Hi Nico, the first message is a known issue. Widgets are exported as part of all the Solution / AddOn modules that use them. It's on the R&D roadmap to solve this. The message should not be blocking for builds as long as the widgets are identical duplications.


The second error suggests that your module has a consistency error due to incompatibilty with it's dependencies (i.e. Atlas_Core), something is changed wrt to your publishing side. This may be related if the widgets are not the same and they have to be updated, but it may also be something else. The recommendation here is to validate the usages of the module and see whether that's compatible.