Sending parameter to all pages

Hi Everyone, I’m new in Medix, I’m testing a app where an administrator can upload all data from differents installations and the videocamaras and devices that have each installations. No problem with that. Now I want to set the user role where he can only see the installation that have permissions (obviously also the cameras and devices associated), in all the app. The Domain model is one user can have multiples installations and each installation can have multiples devices.  What is the best way to do this? Thanks Leandro
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Assuming you have a user entity in your environment and that user has an account and that an administrator creates the installations etc. then that admin only have to attach one (or more?) users to these installations. Then on the home page of the user you only have to retrieve all the installations over the asssociaton of that user. And you can make a access rule for that so that the user can only see installations that have a reference to that user.