Mendix 9 Or Mendix 10 in 2023/05?

Hi everyone, Our company is planning to start a new project using Mendix this month. However, we are faced with an awkward timing issue as Mendix 9 has recently released its final LTS version, 9.24. The latest version, 10.0.0, is currently in a beta state and the GA version will not be available until July. As such, we would like to ask for advice from experienced developers on whether we should use the last LTS version, 9.24, or go straight to version 10.0.0 and then upgrade to either the GA version of 10.0 or the 10.6 LTS version at a later date based on past experiences and current information. Thank you.
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Depends on your needs, do you intent to go to production any time soon? And do you have business users depending on that application? In that case definitely go with an already stable release like LTS; 9.24.


If you are developing for a few months and not releasing to production or don't have many users depending on this application, and you are still figuring out the scope of the app / releases; you could go for Mendix 10, But even then, the safe bet would to start with 9.24 and just upgrade when you need specific features from 10 or a MTS has been released.

Altough its 10 is a major release the last versions of 9 won't be much different from the first few releases of 10 in terms of capabilities and structure. I believe its more a PR / marketing thing to bundle and enable new features in a  major “10” version. Most new features and code changes were iterative added and were already present in 9.18, 9.19, 9.20...etc. but some are still behind feature flags etc.


tl/dr; i would go with 9.24