Runtime Show/Hide Configuration on buttons

Hi all, as part of building POC, as an administrator he is able to implement the runtime Show/Hide functionality for each and every element on the pages. Pls help us to achieve this, and I am expecting the solution ASAP.   Thanks in Advance   FYR, I am attaching some screenshots how we are expecting to be able to…   Like this we need to configure i.e if administrator click on that eye icon symbol, then that element to be hide and vice versa
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Hi Tirupati, you can achieve this by creating an entity named something like ‘Settings’. Then on the Settings entity, create boolean attributes for every container that you want visible. Then on the page, create a ‘get or create’ microflow that retrieves the Settings from the database, or creates and commits it if it does not exist yet.


Then for every eye symbol, you create a microflow that toggles the boolean of that specific attribute. For example: create a boolean on the Settings entity named ‘ShowDescriptionButton’. Then create a microflow that sets it to false if the administrator clicks the eye symbol. And set it to true if the administrator clicks it again.


Then on the actual page that the user sees, add the Settings object as context object, and put visibility on the button / container by looking at the Settings.<insertYourBooleanAttribute>. 

Hope this helps.