How to change date time format of date picker?

Hi guys, There is a lot of info about the topic parse date time etc, but I could not solve my issue with that, so therefore this question. When you make an datetime attribute you can pick a date / time, then it will be shown like: 3/30/2016. I want to show this in dd-MM-yyyy (30-03-201). Could this be the default setting for all date time attributes, including the createdDate made by system? I tried with a custom date time format in language but this did not help.
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The custom date time format set in the language properties are used form all date time fields in the application. I just created a test project and set the custom date format to dd-MM-yyyy. Created a user with the language setting I set the custom date format for and the dates are displayed as dd-MM-yyyy.

So I'm not sure why this isn't working in your case. Are you accessing the page with an anonymous user? Is the language setting correct in the account record for the user, in case you are using multiple languages? Are you testing this with the build in MxAdmin user?

I would suggest creating a new app with 1 entity containing a datetime attribute and setting the custom date format. Create a search and a NewEdit page for this entity and create a user with the default language to test this functionality on your side. Maybe this will provide some insight into why this isn't working in your project.


Erwin thnx, the user was set to another language.I solved it with indeed a custom date time format in language properties.

You had about anonymous users, in this case it is not an anonymous user, but I want to give access also to them.

1 - What is in that case the best practice to achieve also this date time format? Can I expect that the default language with custom format will be used for this