How to set visibility based on Reference selector

Hi  Mendix developer's we need some solution about how to set visibility based on Reference selector. I have form where create form name , component, section, questions and answers type answer type is reference selector value of answe type is (single select, multiselect and drop down) my need is if we select then populate text box where we can write value separated with comm (,) and all seperated value set a label of single select (radiobutton) How can I achieve this 
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You can create a microflow that is triggered in the On Change Event of the Reference Set Selector.  In that microflow, you can retrieve all answer types, use that list to create a string with a comma separated list of the selected values and set the value of an attribute in your entity.  Then you can create a boolean attribute in your entity (for the radio button) and set the display of the radio button to the concatentated value you just created.


Hope that helps.