.mxf files in a Mendix theme

I've got the task of converting our corporate theme from the 2.4 version of theming to the 2.5 version including CSS3 and its graceful downgrade for users of Internet Explorer. In the 2.4 version of the theme there are two files in a directory called Navigation, which are called mxtoolbar.mxf and mxtoppane.mxf. I can't see reference to them in the other files. The first seems to specify an alternative image map for the purposes of deciding which of the navigation buttons has been pressed when the toolbar is clicked upon, but I can't see where the mouseover behaviour is specified. The second seems to lay out the top pane in some way to accommodate a selection of logos (which I had achieved myself in CSS3). Are mxf files still required in 2.5, and if so what are the rules for their use, and where will I find the mouseover behaviour for the toolbar? If not, how do I specify the image map (i.e. define the clickable regions and the actions they invoke) for the toolbar? Cheers again
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Mendix 2.5 has a different html structure then Mendix 2.4. and therefore the .mxf are not needed anymore. You can adjust everything in the index.html file.

I would suggest taking a look at the theming tutorials.