How to hold up a microflow until popup modal returns (closes)

I have a page that needs to run some address validation after a user fills out the info needed.  When complete, they click a call microflow button that calls a google service to validate the address.  It then shows a popup modal that shows the old address and the validated address, on “save” it calls a microflow that saves the new validated address as the address. The challenge is that the “validate address” happens as part of the completing of a task and when that’s done, it takes you to the next step in the process.     The way that it is currently set up, the popup modal opens, has the validated address, but behind the modal, it redirects to the next page without the user saying they want to use the validated address or “cancel” and take them back to entering the address properly. Any ideas on how I can make the modal popup be blocking so that it doesn’t redirect?
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If I understand correctly, it seems like you should put the redirect action in the microflow that is called when the user confirms address validation on the popup and remove it from the process in the original page.  Does that help?