SFTP File server not creating folder name containing * in it

My program is connecting to external SFTP linux/unix file server through Mendix SFTP module and will try to create folder first and then put the files in it. Now, folder name itself is not being created when it is having * in it. I tried to connect to server through winscp and tried to edit a folder name directly, even that is also not working and throwing an error as shown below. I am not sure whether * is not allowed OR it is permission issue for such folders. FYI, I am able to create folder name with other special chars. Any idea?  
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Hi Pavan,


The asterisk (*) is indeed disallowed, as it is used as a wildcard specifier. As far as I know, no existing filesystem would allow that symbol to be used in either folders or files.

You should avoid the asterisk, for example you could use a replaceAll function in your microflow before you pass the name along.