Teamcenter Mendix Integration

Hi All, I'm searching the information for Teamcenter Mendix integration config from scratch with my first application. Use Case : Teamcenter login & search for object and view property in formation using Mendix developed app. Thanks,
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Refer to docs to understand how to configure a Teamcenter connection and perform login. Make sure you get the URLs correct.


Once logged in, you can run a saved query to find your data. To do this, you need to provide input for the query, so create an entity with fields which match those you need in the saved query (e.g. for “Item Revision...” saved query you might have Item_ID, Name and Revision) and populate values for the data you are searching for. Run the saved query and get results via ServiceResponse -> ServiceData. These can be displayed in a Data Grid as specialisations of ModelObject through association “plain”