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Hi, Is there any way to log out of the user when he closes the browser?
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Hi Muath,


I curious what you try to achieve here, let me explain default behavior and explore some possible extensions with you.


Mendix will automatically clean up Sessions (i.e. server-side logout) on inactivity. When a user “hasn't been seen” for 10 minutes, its Session will be cleaned up. To prevent unwanted logouts, a keepalive call is executed every 5 minutes by the browser when no microflows/data retrieves takes place.

Conclusion: users are already logged out automatically within 10 minutes after they close the tab.


If you want to make it safer, for example: a quicker automatic logout, you could tweak the duration of the Session or disable the keep alive. This is described here.

If you want to do extra stuff, for example clean-up other records I would suggest to associate them to the Session and setup a delete behavior like this:

If you really want to do something on close page, you could build a widget to subscribe on the OnBeforeUnLoad function of the window, but you are never sure this is actually triggered.


Good luck!