The ability to comment and edit your own posts so that only you can see what youve written...

I've summarized it in the title.   What I want to ask is 1. implement a commenting feature 2. make it so that only you can edit your own posts.   If you can help me with these two things, I would really appreciate it.
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Hi Woo,


  1. Create a Entity called “Comment”
  2. in this Entity store the Owner, right in the Corner and add a String Attribute
  3. Set an Assocation to to your Object where you want to Comment with a 1-* where 1 is for example the Image and * the Comments of the Image
  4. Under the Image View add a Button to Create a Comment.
  5. Add some Edit Buttons or Remove Buttons and set the visibility of these button with Owner = CurrentUser


Hope this small “Tutorial” helped you to have an Idea how it could work.

Good Luck,