JavaScript Action call - context object undefined

Hi all,   I want to open a popup via Client API mx.ui.openForm, which is called in JS Action within nanoflow. It crashes because context object is undefined.  My code looks like this mx.ui.openForm('MyModule/', { location: "popup", title: "Caption", context: this.mxcontext, //this is undefined callback: function(form) { console.log(; } });   Could you explain the root cause of that, please? I suppose the context object is not accessible from JS action call, is it? The only thing left is to use the widget such as JavaScript snippet?   Thanks in advance.
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OK, I got it, the answer may definitely explain the topic to others.

JavaScript action executed within a nanoflow runs in the client-side context of the Mendix application. It does not have direct access to the specific context object or data from the nanoflow itself.

JavaScript action just let you pass data from the nanoflow to the JavaScript action by defining input parameters for the JavaScript action in the nanoflow. These input parameters can be mapped to the values or objects in the nanoflow's context, allowing you to pass relevant data to the JavaScript action.