In the dropdown list, Entities Country, State, and City having Name attribute with InActive status should be displayed in Red color. 

As per the Design, I have cascaded the City, State, and Country. which goes like (Country → State → City). I have taken 3 Entities :  Country, State, City with Attributes Name(String) and IsActive(Boolean).    Design: In drop-down list,  Suppose, Country named ‘ABC’ is not Active. (User selected it as IsActive= No) Then, This Country ‘ABC’ should be visible in ‘RED’ color in dropdown list of ‘Country’. (Reference Selector used)   I am not able to change the text color for InActive Country, State, City. I don’t know if how to change the color for only InActive Names which is also need to get in default color if user edits the status to (IsActive= No) to (IsActive= Yes) and Wise-versa.   Please help if anyone have a idea to achieve this requirement. Thank you in advance.  
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