contractor needed to help with a fix

Hi, we had a contractor to help us to develop a couple fo very innovative apps on the Mendix platform that provides functions from our charity for the Natural Capital Marketplace and the Smart Biosphere, the latter of which is linked to Mindsphere for machine learning and AI.   We need some maintenance carried out on the apps For example; the marketplace does not have a calid SSL/TLS certificate The Smart biosphere app does not have the keys link the data streams to Mendix   Our last contractor did not leave any documentation for the construction or design of the apps and the Stories were not very descriptive.   If it is of interest to you, I would like to have a discussion with you for a short contract to; A get the platforms operating as they should B an overview of the Mindsphere element and the Smart Biosphere app so we can understand better how they are working (when the keys are in place)   Yours gratefully Andy Bell (
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