Limit data in datagrid based on object type (specialization)

I have two specializations of the ‘TransportAlgemeen’ entity: TransportIn and TransportUit.   A record of entity ‘car’ can be linked to multiple TransportAlgemeen records. sometimes this is a TransportIn and sometimes a TransportUit objecttype.  When viewing the details of a transport, i can use the objecttype decision in a microflow to decide if i want to open the transportIn or TransportUit detail screen. So far so good.    What i want to do now, is show some info of transportalgemeen, but only for the transportUit entity.   For example: a car is linked to transportIn with date 02/03/23 and the same car is also linked to a TransportUit with date 08/03/23. In my data grid showing car info i only want to show the 08/03/23 date.    I use a datagrid2. I already changed the property shown from ‘transportAlgemeen.datum’ to the specialization ‘TransportUit.datum’ but that did not help: it still also shows the dates of TransportIn.    Any ideas? (for now i solved it by showing a field that is created from a MF, but that is not ideal wrt maintenance and performance).
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Hi Maurice,

Have you considered using a listview with templates? With listview templates, you can define custom UI to show for specific specializations.