Business events - Cannot run application: System.Exception: Something went wrong determining the entity type for the java-action $BusinessEvents.PublishBusinessEvent_V2

Mx 9.24.2 We've started using the Mx Business events. As soon as I add a Business event service and try to run the app, this is the error I get.     ====  Update === I've solved the issue by reverting everything and rebuilding it again.   Something deep down in the Business Events magic went wrong, which I was not able to detect and correct. Deleting everything that is related to Business Events did not solve it. My conclusion is that some thing or setting was created during the import or creation of Business Events related stuff and that this thing or setting was not removed when all the Business Events code was deleted from the project.
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The error message indicates that there is an issue determining the entity type for the Java action. Double-check that the entity type you are attempting to use is correctly defined and compatible with the Java action.

Attribute types for business events relate to attribute types of entities, but not all attribute types are supported for business events. The following attribute types are not supported:

  • AutoNumber
  • Binary
  • Hashed string
  • Enumeration 

In Studio Pro 9.24 and below, all types were supported implicitly because a business event was defined by an entity. The unsupported types were from the perspective of the consumer received as a string.