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Hi, Experts, I’m currently working on leave request app .I have created the association for that also ,In my scenario if the employee applies leave in the requesting page the manager name of the particular employee should get auto filled in the page and the leave request of the person should be visible to the person’s manager only.     In the above picture the manager section should get auto filled depends upon the manager of the person
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Hello  Sankar,


A simple way would be:


The creation of the request should be done with a microflow where you retrieve the manager of the employee and put that object as reference of the newly created  request.  When the object is created you can show the edit screen and make the manager field non editable.


Good luck.


Hi Sankar,

  • Retrieve the manager using the employee(current user) object.
  • Set the association ’MyLeaveRequest_Manager’ to the retrived manager
  • The manager will be displayed in the ‘My Leave Request’ page


Hope it helps!!!