Booking only on some days

i have this problem, i try to do an app for the parking space registration; i want that the start date and the end date of the registration it's only a few days, not Saturday and Sunday.   how can I do?
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Hi Nicolo,

As per my understanding, you want to implement a validation so that user cannot select start date and end date as Saturday or Sunday. So, in order to implement this - Call a microflow in save button and add a decision activity with the condition as parseInteger(formatDateTime($Registration/StartDate, 'u'))<6 and another decision activity to check the same condition for end date as parseInteger(formatDateTime($Registration/EndDate, 'u'))<6. Accordingly, you can show the validation message. Please refer to the image of the microflow for your reference.


Please let me know if you need any other help!



i want that i can’t select in stardate and end day the days sunday and saturday ,

i used 


for startdate:


parseInteger(formatDateTime($Prenotazione/DataInizioPrenotazione, 'u')) != 6 or
parseInteger(formatDateTime($Prenotazione/DataInizioPrenotazione, 'u')) != 7 parseInteger(formatDateTime($Prenotazione/DataInizioPrenotazione, 'u')) != 6 or
parseInteger(formatDateTime($Prenotazione/DataInizioPrenotazione, 'u')) != 7 


for enddate:


parseInteger(formatDateTime($Prenotazione/DataFinePrenotazione, 'u')) != 6 or
parseInteger(formatDateTime($Prenotazione/DataFinePrenotazione, 'u')) != 7 



but if i select a saturday or sunday dont’ show the error in the page and complete the registration