Couldnt migrate all legacy files.

Hello, We are upgrading our project from  Mendix 7 to Mendix 9 and we get the error message :  "Couldn't migrate all legacy files. There where 100 legacy file(s) which referred to a path that could not be found on the disk. Please put the files in the correct location or remove entities referring to them from the database."  on our local and dev environment. I see in our Task Queue Dashboard that there is an action "ClusterManagement-MigrateOldFiles" executed each 5 minutes. I found the class OldFileMigration, this class does the migration of System.FileDocument if __FileName__!= empty and __FileName__ != 0 and __UUID__ = empty. There is more that 17 000 000 records in our DB and only 1 400 000 have a physical file on the server. So, I want to execute tthe migration only for physical file. Moreover, the class manages only 100 records every 5 minutes (defined by a batchsize parameter) and do the update only if systemPropertyManager.get("oldFileMigrationCompleted") is false I know that the error message is displayed on our local & Dev environment because some files are not present on these environments. I did a update in our DEV DB  to change the value of __FileName__ to 0 for all records and now, the process do nothing because the property "oldFileMigrationCompleted" is true.  A restart  of the application in the console doesn't change the value of that property. So I have several questions :  1) Is it possible to update the property "oldFileMigrationCompleted" to false ?  2) Is it possible to access to the object "systemPropertyManager" and how can I do that? 3) Is it possible to change the batchsize of OldFileMigration ? 4) Is it possible to execute the action "ClusterManagement-MigrateOldFiles" every minutes ? Any help is appreciated.
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