Is there a way to get the entity data to carry over when app is published

Hey Dev’s,    Yesterday I published my first application and I noticed that all the data I entered when developing the application didn’t carry over to the published version. I was curious if there is a way around this ? maybe I missed something in the settings ?   Thanks for the assist. 
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Hi Felix,

You did not miss an option, there is no checkbox you can enable to move data from you local machine to the cloud.


There are however a lot of possibilities, depending on you use case:

- use excel exporter/importer, see the marketplace for relevant modules

- use rest service/odata to move data

- …


But in most use cases it is not worth the effort to implement these ways of moving data. We just create the basic configuration data by hand and make sure we do the entry of the real data in the published version of the app.


I hope this helps,