RabbitMQ integration

Hello everyone ! Can you please advice on how to integrate RabbitMQ to Mendix app? is there any existing module to use? The business case: I have many Mendix apps deployed on-premise that share same master data. I have one app where the business should maintain that data up to date (let’s called it Leader) and all other app are just consumers (Followers). Every time a new update/insert/delete on that date occurs on “Leader” app, it should be reflected among the “followers” apps in async way to avoid any tight coopling.    Thanks for your help !
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Have you looked at Mendix Business Events instead? I believe it solves the problem you are describing.


I hope this helps.



What I understood from your case is that Event Driven Architecture is more suited and FIFO algo seems not important. Thus, you need to apply Event-Driven architecture. You might use Kafka in a way where the leader produces a message "every time a new update/insert/delete" then the followers can consume the message async way and do their duties.




I am new for Mendix, hope it helps