Business Events equivalent solution on-premise

Hello everyone ! Can you please advice on how to integrate RabbitMQ to Mendix app? is there any existing module to use? The business case: I have many Mendix apps deployed on-premise that share same master data. I have one app where the business should maintain that data up to date (let’s called it Leader) and all other app are just consumers (Followers). Every time a new update/insert/delete on that date occurs on “Leader” app, it should be reflected among the “followers” apps in async way to avoid any tight coopling.    Thanks for your help !
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Have you looked into Mendix datahub at all? It seems this would be a good use case for it. Using datahub you can expose any persistent entity existing from your “Leader” app for your other “Follower” apps to consume as external entities. It’s then very easy to read this data in your Follower apps, and I believe there is even update/insert/delete functionality too that would then reflect in the Leader app (and therefore any other Follower app that then reads from it). Hope this helps!