Reference tools in expressions

Hey Dev’s,   Simple question. Is there a way to reference tools (Buttons, Drop Downs, etc.) in expressions ?    Im trying to have the visibility of button rely on the visibility of another button, and im not finding anything to suggest that this is possible. 
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Hi Felix! No, that is not possible directly.


What you can do is: Have an on click event for the button that you would like to reference and that onclick event updates a Boolean attribute(in addition to the work it is doing right now). Example: IsButtonClicked = true when a user clicks the button.


You can set visibility of the second button based on the Boolean value of the IsButtonClicked attribute.


Hope this helps.


Hello Felix,

Perfect answer given by Neel Desai.

In addition you can make use of dynamic classes based on attribute value and you can hide or show the button by CSS.

Hope my answer helps.