Best Practice to Avoid Duplicates Classes in jar files.

Hi All,   Is there any way which we can avoid duplicate classes in jar files in the project ? There are 17K duplicate classes were found in the project removing those either by doing updating particular jar to new version or remove un used one’s is taking a lot of time to do. To avoid to get duplicate classes is there any specific steps to follow? Please let me know.   Thanks in advance.   Regards, Sathya Reddy
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Hi Sathya,

I have found this CLI tool from GitHub mendix-userlib-cleaner that identifies and cleans duplicate JARs from the userlib directory from your Mendix project. This helps to avoid compatibility and conflict issues with said JAR files. Other than that, I haven't found something official for avoiding those duplicates other than manually deleting them yourself.

I hope that helps you, cheers!