Calling a microflow in home page via navigation

Hi I am trying to implement a dashboard in my home page web app. I am populating the values in the dash board by calling a microflow when the page is navigated. But I am not able to call the microflow to that home page. When I add the dashboard to other pages it is calling that microflow but just not the home page.     I am not understanding it correctly? Any help would be appreciated to solve this. Thanks   Here is the screenshot of "Navigation”
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I think you have configured default home page as → Admin_Overview page, something like below.





whereas Admin_Overview page has a page parameter ‘Dashboard’.


So the problem is tool is not able determine which Dashboard object need to pass to Admin_Overview page and throwing error.


What you can do is you can create microflow which will create Dashboard object first and then

use show page action to navigate to Admin_Overview page , example below → 


and configure this microflow as Default home page instead of Admin_Overview page.

I think this will solve above issue.




Instead of errors, can you send navigation