Page Title in Tab Browser Switching Back and Forth When Next Page is Loading

Hello,   I am currently working on the account creation process for an app. Here are the first 4 steps and also pages/page titles(browser tab titles as well) when starting the account creation process.   -Create Account -Add Person -Add Address -Add Number   Below is a description of the issue we are experiencing: When clicking the button to start the microflows that ultimately change the page from Add Person to Add Address and during that time when the next page (Add Address) is loading the browser tab will show “App Title – Add Person”(which is the current page) then quickly switch to “App Title – Create Account”(previous page) and then switches to the correct page title of “App Title – Add Number”. This issue occurs in a lot of areas throughout the application. Should I be looking at the Override Page Title setting seen in the image below for the Show Page activities? This image shows the current configuration for the show page activity for the add address page.   Looking for some feedback and help, thanks.   
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Hi Benjamin Pinon, 

if every step is a different page you should not override the page title but simply set correctly the title for each step. Go inside the properties and set the title like you want from there. Here is an example of the properties of my Homepage


let me know if it work :)