Date/Time Validation when the input fields are separate?

Just wanted to see if anyone had done this before :) Date and time validation work great OOTB with mendix. However, for our particular interface, we are looking to separate date and time selection into 2 different fields that both modify the same DateTime attribute. Has anyone ever done this before? The input fields appear as shown below:   The goal is to, for example, not allow the user to select a time that is less than 14 days away (and also during the work day), then validate that the finish date/time makes sense given the start date/time.    I’m assuming that this will take some parsing, manipulation, then rebuilding the datetime from a string, but I wanted to ask here to see if anyone had a better idea :)     Thanks!!!
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Hey Griffin,


You can handle the validation using some of the datetime functions that come OOB. If you use two separate nanoflows you can handle the validation for different parts of the date ( same variable ) as needed. The Format Date Function formatDateTime can help you break that date variable into hours versus just the day. 


Hope this helps!