Microflow uses old value

Hi all, I am encountering the following issue and I hope you can help me. In my application I am using role-based home pages.  Each role is calling a microflow to check if (amongst others) the multi factor authentication session is still active and to send the user to the right home page. I added an extra date time field ‘Last_Login_MFA’  to my account entity and update this field after every successful MFA authentication.     In my role based home page microflow I check this date against the current date time to see if a new verification is needed.     This all works well when a user logins in. However when a user (for whatever reason) refreshes his homepage (by for instance hitting the refresh button of his browser), the role based home page microflow uses the old (pre-login) value f the ‘Last_Login_MFA’ field. When I check the user account I see that the correct date time is set, so I can see that the value committed correctly.   Does any one have an idea how I can solve this?   Thank you in advance for your help and have a nice day!
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I think that your application is using the memory value. Did you try to retrieve the values from database?


Hi João Lucas Marques Guimarães,


Thank you for your reply. Although I was hoping to fix this without questioning the database, this totally worked! Thank you for your help!