Storing the details of a form temporarily and allowing the user to change it

I have created an Onboarding platforms in which a User creates an account and then logs into the account to fill a series of forms one by on. The flow is basically like this : The user enters into a Personal Details Section where he need to fill 5 different forms and every time he enter next he moves onto the next form.What I want to allow the user to toggle between this 5 forms using next and back button without them losing the data every time they enter into a forms. Currently this is happening because i am calling a microflow for every form that is creating an object of that entity and hence i am unable to restore the previous entered values.     Here are the domain model and the flow of the application. Summing up : What i want to achieve is: 1.Allow the User to fill these forms only once. 2.Once he fill up the forms and again tries to get back to the forms he should see the already filled up forms and an option to change his inputs
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If I understand you correctly, you are trying to build a wizard (step wise forms) and can try the following:

- When the user clicks on next, you need to commit the object / changes → so now they are in the database with help of a custom microflow if you need to also add validations etc.


- When the users clicks backs, you want to load the saved form / object → so again use a custom microflow for this if you need additional checks before loading the page.


Hope this helps!