Deeplink do not work in Mobile browser

 Hello, We have requirement to implement deeplink and which opens dedicated page in the application. The implementation is working perfectly fine when working with responsive web desktop browser(chrome/edge). But the same link do not work when I try to open in IPhone device. It routes me to the default home page instead. I have followed all the steps mentioned in the mendix documentation. My question was do we need to implement some changes while working in mobile browser? (I am just trying to open the link in Mobile browser for example: ) which does not work and it goes to home page!   Solution:  I found the solution! There was mistake in the Project Navigation Profiles in studio pro. The Phone Web Profile was overriding the Responsive web profile. After I changed the default home page of both the profiles to same page then the issue is solved.  
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what i will do is, try to clear cache in my browser or try to open in edge or restart your application or restart your computer these are all i will do but it worked for me while i cleared cache.