Domain Model

Hello!   I’m new to Mendix and I have a question about the Domain Model structure.   I’ve built a few entities MotherAsset and Asset. I’d like to add to Mother Asset an Organisation (own entity) which would be in the ‘’field’’ of Producer. And I’d like to add to the Asset one Organisation (own entity) in the ‘’field’’ of Customer and one Organisation in the ‘’field’’ of Producer.   Would this be the correct structure or would it be better to connect entities Asset and MotherAsset directly to Organisation entity and somehow filter the organisations?  
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The data structure looks good, but with 1 to 1 relationships you always have to ask yourself whether you really need it (the same goes for *-* relationships, by the way). Personally I think that these relationships should be 1-* so that the organization can occur through multiple customers, for example, but this depends on your business case. 

I think I would remove the empty (the ones without attributes) entities and make a direct association with the organization, by applying good naming to the associations you can distinguish these relationships.

So for example an association between MotherAsset and Organization with the association name "MotherAsset_Organisation". This already makes clear what that organization is in relation to the MotherAsset.


I recommend that you just start building the pages and focus on the functionality you need to build. Thinking about a domain model causes a "builder's block" for many starting developers. By implementing the functionality you will automatically notice and discover whether the domain model fits your solution!


Thank you for the help!