Nested tab panes

I've got a modal dialog which is read-only (Editable = false) and which has a Close button to dismiss it when the user has finished with it. At the top there are a handful of fields which are always visible, and below that there is a tab pane with three tabs on it. Within the first of these three tabs is a nested tab pane with some more tabs; these effectively represent subdivisions of the enclosing tab. (The dialog represents a File; the outer tabs show respectively Jobs within the file, Results of processing the file, and aggregates over the Jobs in the file; then the inner tabs appear on the Jobs tab and each presents a data grid listing Jobs in a particular status. The other two outer tabs just have a few fields with figures in and no further tabs or data grids nested within them. All of this information is read-only for all users). Trouble is, the nested tab pane is displayed as "disabled", and painted in quite a different style from the enclosing tab pane. This seems to happen only in 2.5; looking in Firebug, it looks as though a separate style for "disabled" tab panes was not implemented in 2.4, but I can't see anything in the 2.5 modeller which would seem to result in one tab pane being "disabled" and the other not. I tried making the form editable and making all the fields read-only but this broke because then I couldn't have a Close button on the control bar. I'm using 2.5.1-rc1 on Windows 7. Anyone know what's going on please? The only thing I can think of doing is changing all the stylesheets for the different themes to make diabled and enabled look the same, but are there situations where the tabs really should be disabled?
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First, your workaround. Use a Cancel button, but change the label to Close. That should allow you to make the individual fields read-only on an editable form.

I noticed a similar issue with attachments, where making the form read-only disables the Download widget for the attachment. The solution was to make the form read-write, make individual fields read-only and use a relabelled Cancel button as Close.