Single Sign-On with Deeplink

Hello, we have requirement to implement deeplink with SSO. Currently the deeplink is working as expected but in case of SSO application the Deeplink do not work instead the app routes to default home page.  My question does anybody know how to integrate deeplink with SSO? I am confused where to start with the mendix documentation. My Deeplink URL is for example :<id>. Now how would be my SSO url with deeplink?    javascript: = () => {   if ('?cont=') ) {      window.location =   } else {;   } }    
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Hi Raghavendra,

Depending on which SSO configuration you use, you would like to redirect to the deeplink again, after succesful login.

The DeepLink module has a constant named LoginLocation, which should enable this functionality for you.

Some documentation can be found here: Deeplink configuration


  • For SAML, use: /SSO/login?f=true&cont=
  • For Mendix SSO, use: /openid/login?continuation=

Good luck!