XSUAA no access

Hello Experts, I have a SAP application, I am trying to login using the XSUAA module. I have configured the SAP BTP environment and deployed the package successfuly. I have also cahnged the login to redirect to the xsuaa like the documentation says. The problem is that When I open the app it goes to the SSO page to authenticate me but I get an error AADSTS50105 Saying that I dont have access to the page even tho I ve added my user to have access from the SAP BTP side. any ideas at all? thank you in advance
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It still sounds like there is something going wrong with permissions on the SAP side. Are you testing this from a cloud environment or locally? 


If you've configured everything on the Mendix side correctly, I'd recommend having someone with SAP experience look at the SAP side for you to make sure everything is set up correctly on that end.