HTML 5 support in Mendix

Is there any html 5 support in Mendix 2.5?
2 answers

Yes, you're free to use HTML5 in any widgets you use, we don't "block" anything. Nothing is preventing you from implementing all of the new HTML5 fancy features in your applications :)

but no, we don't use HTML5 in any of our core tech. This is because a lot of our customers are still stuck with old browsers that don't support it.


In general, HTML5 support does not depend on Mendix but on your browser :) Anyway, several themes use CSS3 features, the Simple Charts widget is based on HTML5 Canvas and in some lost hours i succesfully managed to write a Canvas rendering engine and instruct it using microflows. So, yes you can do HTML 5 stuff.

As far as i know, we do not make use of the HTML5 structural tags yet (which are useful in cases of graceful degredation, but i don't think that is very applicable for our apps yet).