How to calculate premium value based on limit value

Hii Everyone,   I am doing one application, I have to calculate premium value based on limit value when I select limit value I need to fetch Deductable, copay and waiting period automatically based on limit value and in this limits I have lot of categories based on categories limit value also change .how to implement this can you please help me anyone
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Hi Satwika,

From the information you have posted, I think this should be an configuration within your application. 
There are a couple of ways of doing this but one of them is:
- Create a Coverage configuration entity with an attribute for the limit amount and the name

- Either create attributes for the Deductible, waiting period & co-pay or create seperate entities for them and relate them to the coverage configuration

- Now in the UI where a users enters a coverage or limit, you can retrieve the coverage configuration entity and with that do the calculations you want.

Hope this helps!