Seeking Assistance for an Error Encountered while Developing an App with the ChatGPT Connector

Hi all,   I created an app using the ChatGPT Connector, but I encountered an error similar to the one shown in the image. I generated an API key in ChatGPT and entered that key into the DefaultValue field of CONST_APIKey_ChatGPT.     Afterward, I added a sample called Chatgpt_Overview to the Navigation section to complete the app. However, upon attempting to ask a question in the finalized app, the aforementioned error appeared.   I would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly inform me of the possible issue and provide guidance on how to address it. I apologize for my limited English proficiency and I sincerely thank you for your kind assistance.   tomo
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Hi Tomoko,


you’ll need to debug the “ACT_chatGPTResponse_GetResponse”. It looks like the error is handled and therefore not shown in the log. 


If you debug, it should be visible as latestError or in the response body.